Common Questions

Yes, we’ve got an answer to everything!

“What’s in the WHITE sauce?”

ANSWER: Just four ingredients: (garlic, oil, lemon, salt). That’s it!

“What is lebanese barbecue?”

ANSWER: Lebanese Barbecue is a cuisine built on the foundation of only fresh, whole ingredients - a signature of the Mediterranean diet. Grains, greens, vegetables, meats, chicken, and legumes. Always fresh or grilled, never fried! The fresh flavor of our food is prepared with the core ingredients of olive oil, lemon, and garlic. Our seasonings are all authentic and our dressings are all made in-house. Everything is always from scratch!


ANSWER: We take our food truck all around metro Atlanta! We love to see you visit us wherever we go - office lunches, parties, local festivals, and more! We post where and when we take our food truck here on our calendar